Neville Simpson Foundation


Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between Tuskegee University Alumni and current students and between current students and high school students through the following three directives:



About the Founder

Neville Simpson, a Computer Science Engineer and world-renowned photographer, is an Alumnus of Tuskegee University. He created the Foundation to give back to his Alma Mater that helped to shape and develop him to be the successful person he is today. The premise of the foundation is to bridge the gap between Tuskegee Alumni and students, then ensuring students go a step further by reaching back to help high school students. This is essential because students must learn the importance of not only receiving, but learning to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether time, skills, or money, giving back is a positive quality and produces positive outcomes not just to the recipient, but also to the giver.



Mentoring is key to the success of the Foundation. Under NSF, Alumni will be mentors to current students and current students will mentor rising High School Juniors. Mentors are to share knowledge, provide advice and encouragement. A mentor may share with a mentee information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. Each mentor must remember to be accessible and responsive to their mentee and know the importance of each one reach one!


At least one Tuskegee student from each College receives a $500 Scholarship to assist with books or supplies.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors and eligible to apply.  The Colleges are: Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science (CBIS), College of Agriculture, Environment & Nutrition Sciences (CAENS), College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), Collg (COE), College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture & Construction Science (TSACS), School of Education (SOE), School of Nursing & Allied Health (SONAH). See scholarship criteria on how to apply!


The Neville Simpson Scholarship Foundation will host the 1st Annual Homecoming Networking event on October 19th – time and location to be disclosed. A select group of students from all majors will be invited to network with faculty and Alumni. There will also be an exclusive Facebook group to connect, communicate and network throughout the year.



  1. Must be a sophomore, junior or senior
  2. Cover page: Must include full name, email address, phone number, major, classification, GPA, high school graduated from.
  3. Transcript/Last Report Card
  4. Essay:  At least 500 words, double space, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman. Essay must contain the following: Describe your academic and career goals. How will receiving this scholarship impact your educational goals? Describe your ideal mentor and how you envision them helping you with your goals. How can you reach back into your high school or a local Tuskegee High School to help prepare students to be a success in college?


DEADLINE – Sept. 30, 2018
Email Submissions to:







If interested, submit the following:

  1. Full name, Email address, Phone number, Tuskegee field of study, Year graduated, and current career field.
  2. Fifty words or less on why mentorship is important to you!
  3. Agree to a yearlong commitment to mentor a student through email, text or phone.
  4. Agree to join a private NSF Facebook group to connect, communicate and share with others.
  5. Email your cover page to:


Deadline: September 30, 2018





As Alumni or Faculty of Tuskegee, you can agree to be a mentor for the scholarship winners. To help us raise funds, you can help in two ways:

  1. You can have a headshot done by Photographer Neville Simpson.
    (Tuskegee Department that allows use of their facility for this event receives free faculty headshots)
  2. Purchase one of our fine art prints of the beautiful Tuskegee campus. Matting and Framing optional

Either option is $75.  Fifty dollars from every session or purchased print will go towards the scholarship fund. 

To purchase a print (BUY NOW) or schedule your headshot session (SCHEDULE NOW) click the buttons below.

Email Neville Simpson at: for more information.